Monday, 22 August 2011

Let's Celebrate - Wedding Card

Materials needed:
White card (4 by 6 inches) 
Black cardstock 
Black and white patterned scrapbook paper
Shiny silver cardboard (see below)
White cardstock

Black and purple ribbon
Black embossing ink and clear embossing powder
Watercolour crayons

Try using everyday packaging as accent paper 
(re: shiny silver packaging from razor box)

Run ATG down length of the ribbon to adhere to cardstock
Fold and tape ribbon around the back for clean edges

Thanks for dropping by...  :)


  1. Trish was this one done with a stamp set? Thanks for sharing xoxo

  2. Thanks! Yes, its done with a clear stamp set... and the "celebrate" is a $1.50 michaels stamp